Aiza Who?

I’m Aiza Coronado.

I’m a content coach for slowpreneurs and a SaaS product marketing strategist.

I believe that writing can be easy.
And that life & building a business can be simple.

But like writing, curating simple things takes the BIGGEST efforts.

This is where I document how I did it. So you can also enjoy the luxury of slow living… despite the odds.

You’ll see soon.

See, I built a profitable business with *little* discipline…

No kidding.

According to my Cliffton Strengths Test, Discipline is my 30th strength. It’s my weakness in short.

And I can attest.

Whenever there are stiff rules. Or hard routines. It’s an auto pass for me.

I just leveraged my strengths.

And lived by the truths that I have uncovered in my life…

10 things I know to be true…

1. Simple works best.
2. Slow is fast. Fast is slow.
3. Do YOU things to flow, to find joy, and to thrive.
4. Strategy over strength. Proactivity over reactivity.
5. We can do great work with lesser meetings.
6. Recognize people have lizard brains & you’ll win.
7. Self-awareness pays.
8. Think for yourself. And empower others to do the same.
9. You can never construct strong beliefs from theory alone.
10. We are hardwired to thrive. If you aren’t thriving *yet*, just keep living.

*Context post coming soon*

Let’s talk SaaS.

If you’re here, you probably know that I’m into SaaS.
SaaS: Software-as-a-service.

They’re basically software companies that we love to serve. Examples of teams like this? Trello, Calendly, ClickUp.
Some SaaSy facts about me:

⚡Got hired by my first SaaS client on UpWork. Because I was honest.
⚡Started writing SaaS emails back when Intercom was just 4 yrs old
⚡Got promoted from a copywriter to Marketing Manager in 5 long years.
⚡Co-founded CaaSocio, a SaaS agency that supplies clients with high-quality copy, content, and marketing ideas
⚡Married to a product engineer. And was a test development engineer. So yeah, I’m drawn to SaaS guys. I work better with them.
⚡My greatest achievement when I was sent to Ireland to work on a breakthrough product was almost beating my mentor on poker. Won 10 pounds. Uh, of course, this is second to releasing the product successfully.

Interviews, citings, & writing

You might also ask…

Do you accept interns?

No, I don’t accept interns at the moment. But you can always join my writing group since I share writing opportunities there.

Do you do coaching?

Not for the public, as of the moment. I only coach freelaners under my team in The Freelance Movement Tribe. And fellow TRIBE freelancers who want 1-on-1 consultation/chika sesh.

Do you sell courses?

Yes, via (SaaS Email course), (Breaking Into Freelance Writing), and via CaaSocio (SaaS mentoring and coaching).

I will be launching writing nano-courses this 2023. So keep checking back.

How to reach out to me

You can drop your questions inside my Facebook Group and I usually answer questions in there. It’s free to join!