From Market Research To Nifty Copy & Content

A Micro CourseRun time: 30 mins
Learn how to transform messy research into copy and content that nudges the audience to think, take action, or truly remember you.

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Does a blank screen intimidate the heck out of you whenever you sit in front of your computer to write? Whenever you feel like writing is hard, it all boils down to this:

You just DIDN’T do *enough* research. 💁‍♀️

You probably tell yourself that writing is hard.

I felt the same way too when I started. But there’s an uncomplicated way of sparking your writing plug that’s not intimidating—and it’s simple: market research.

This course is for you if…

🫠 Doing market research overwhelms you. Or you don’t even know how to do one.

😅 You don’t have the patience (or time) to watch 1+ hour videos but want to learn copy or content.

🤩 You’re ready to uncover a quicker, smarter, and AI-assisted way of doing research & even writing copy and content.

👇 Enroll now & deep dive into a proven creative process 👇

What this micro-course will give you

Market research sources

Immediately know where to go (and what to look for) when you need to do market research for you or your client. My faves so far: clients themselves, ChatGPT, reviews, client inbox, and more!

Lifetime access to short, concise lessons on Notion

Approx 30-minute watch time with Notion notes. If you know me, I have this special talent for jampacking videos with value bombs without overwhelming you. I’m also making it interactive (you’ll like it!)

3 video demos for blog, email, and web writing

I’m a “no fuss” mentor so I love dwelling on applications more than theories. So I’m gonna walk you through how I construct social posts, blog, and emails.

Async support inside my writing FB group

Don’t have the energy or time for Zoom coaching, but I will answer your questions inside my writing group, Nothing Held Back style! 🙂

Warning: This course will be purely async (except for the first 15 who will register, we’ll have a one-time group coaching/AMA).

Book ahead to get early-bird pricing (Php 1500). And one-time group coaching for the first 15 only.

👇 Enroll now & deep dive into a proven creative process 👇

Course Syllabus
  • What is (and why do) market research
  • Steal my FAVORITE places for market research
    • Deep dive with client
    • Chat GPT prompts
    • Reviews
    • Client inbox
    • etc
  • What to look for when doing research
  • Demo time! Watch me as I turn market research into
    • Blog
    • Email
    • Social posts
  • The only frameworks you need
  • Your turn: Quick workshop
Meet Aiza

Aiza is co-founder of CaaSocio, an e-Estonia-based copy & content agency serving SaaS teams worldwide. In her 12-year online career, she has written countless written projects across freelancing, SaaS, and err, beer-making (in her early oDesk days).

She has also built 2 SaaS marketing teams from scratch so far. And has talked at events like TRIBEX. She enjoys writing (obvs), building writing & SaaS communities, & growing a garden (with a toddler on the side haha) despite the pink thumb.

You will NOT learn…

How to get copy or content clients

This is a micro-course focused on transforming research into copy and content.

The step-by-step in creating copy/content

Yes, I’ll show you how to do market research and how to use that info to create copy and content, but please don’t expect a full-blown module for creating a long-form blog post or doing a social media strategy, for example.

Copywriting fundamentals

You’ll learn best practices and frameworks that apply to writing copy and content. But I won’t talk about unique mechanisms, building a user persona, and other deep-level copy stuff in depth.

👇 Enroll now & deep dive into a proven creative process 👇

Course Schedule
Jan 19Course launch, enrollment, and onboarding
Jan 25Last day of enrollment
Jan 26First module drops on Notion
TBAOnline group coaching for the first 15 enrollees
Feb 2 & beyondSubmission of workshop output & async support on Facebook Group
Before you enroll…

Purchases are final so please read this sales page mindfully before purchasing.

Disrupting the way we do courses and wanted to give other freelancers. Those who don’t have the budget and/or the basics on how to do copy & content right.

Also, if you’re an aspiring SaaS copywriter, blog writer or marketer, I suggest you wait for our CaaSocio U courses instead. We’ll be doing full-blown cohorts on SaaS web copywriting, long-form writing, lead generation, social media writing, and more!

YAY, you’re awesome for reaching this point!

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