I’m Aiza, a B2B email copywriter & content writer.

62% of B2B buyers engage with 3-7 pieces of content before connecting with a sales rep.

Let me help your sales team sell your tech outside of Zoom with content.

Take a look at my past work below or 💌 let’s talk about your project on LinkedIn.

💌 Email Marketing + In-app + Content

“We lacked a proper onboarding series of emails and you guys helped us built a really good one.

You worked with us, like part of our team, not like an outside contractor. It’s very rare to find agencies like yours.”

Baris Ergin
Founder and CEO, DirectIQ

📑 Long-form blog posts

“Aiza is the indispensable expert we rely on for all content writing topics related to Software as a Service (SaaS), product-led growth, and startup marketing.

She doesn’t just write articles; she produces well-crafted, deeply researched pieces that are a cut above the rest.

Aiza is more than just a content writer.

She is a vital asset to our team, contributing insights and expertise that have a lasting impact on our blog audience and revenue.”

Kalo Yankulov
Founder, Encharge.io

💻 Web copy & Landing Pages

“Landing page is clear and structured in a way we wanted to, it was clear for designers to pick up the work and proceed with designs.

We know our products, especially Queue, were not very clear to understand what they do and what problems they solve – we saw it was very important for you to get that first, and understand it well.”


Work With Me

Need sales content? Email me: aiza@caasocio.com

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