Webpage Copywriting 201 (from research to wireframing)

CaaSocio U Course # 1 – Advanced Courses for SaaS Marketers
No portfolio? Let’s draft your first SaaS landing page together. 

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Get access to an easy-to-follow framework that covers both the creative and technical aspects of copywriting.
You’ll learn…
  • How to formulate messaging & positioning statements for SaaS products
  • How to do market research, draft conversion-focused pages, copyedit them, and create a wireframe (step by step!)
  • How to wield AI tools to your advantage 
  • BONUS: How to present your work confidently in front of SaaS founders & executives 

PLUS, you’ll get 1:1 feedback calls on your landing page draft!

Writing landing pages is [@#!!#$$%] hard.

Having trouble getting past these roadblocks?

🫠 Procrastinating like crazy because you don’t know where to start writing
🫠 Getting overwhelmed with deadlines and client presentations
🫠 Getting underwhelmed by copywriting courses that teach nothing but “tell a story”
🫠 101 hurdles just to get a piece of copy published

This will sound like a cliche but I’ve been at the exact same spot when I was starting out.  

Another cliche: The “secret sauce” to moving forward is confidence

And it takes a lot LESS work than you think.

With expert guidance, you’ll save YEARS (and tears) on trying to learn everything by yourself. 

Backed by years of freelance and in-house experience in serving the SaaS industry, this web copywriting course won’t make you go through tons of content just to “tell a story”…

I’ll teach you how to craft compelling copy step by step. 

So you’ll gain confidence in your own skill and breeze through client presentations. 

Ready to learn?

So what does it take to become an irreplaceable SaaS copywriter?

Copywriters LOVE the rule of threes! And I’m no exception…

After writing 500k+ words for my clients, I’ve come up with Three Cs that define the qualities of an irreplaceable copywriter.


Learn how to ask the right questions and find the best sources for market research


Find ways how to work more efficiently and crank out copy without the chaos 


Break down daily action items so you won’t get overwhelmed and end up procrastinating

Here’s what you’ll get

Every Wednesday, we’ll drop self-paced content on Slack. Then, every Friday, we’ll hop on 30-minute live sessions where I’ll assign some “homework”, walk you through it, and answer your questions LIVE. 

In the last part of the course, we’ll hop on 1:1 calls so you’ll get actionable feedback for your draft.  

By the end of this course, you’ll have ✨ your own SaaS landing page wireframe ✨ that you can share with prospects and clients. 

Week 1
Anatomy of a Good SaaS Landing Page (Valued at PHP5,000)
  • What is a landing page?
  • What makes a SaaS landing page different?
  • What makes a good SaaS landing page?
  • How to Audit a Landing Page
Week 4
Spit Draft (Part 2)
(Valued at PHP15,000)

Continue drafting your landing page…

  • Solutions
  • Features & Benefits
  • How it Works
  • Why Us? 
  • Final CTA Banner
Week 2 
Market Research (Valued at PHP5,000)
  • Gather data so you won’t have to write from scratch
  • Categorize your findings 
  • Build your own Copywriting Guide
  • Formulating your CTA
Week 5 
The 3 Phases of Copyediting 
(Valued at PHP10,000)

Learn how to edit for…

  • Accuracy
  • Creativity 
  • Tone
  • Building wireframes 
Week 3 
Spit Draft (Part 1)(Valued at PHP15,000)

Draft landing page sections by section

  • Big Idea
  • Hero Section 
  • Social Proof
  • Problem Statement 
  • Tease the solution
Week 6
1:1 Feedback Calls
(Priceless 😉 

We’ll finetune your first landing page together!

  • Polishing your copy
  • Mock client presentation

This course is valued at PHP 50,000

But you’ll get it for only PHP 19,950 (limited slots!) 

And the first 5 will get an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT which brings the course to only PHP 14,950!

But we have a 2-pay option:
Upfront: Php 10,950 After 3 weeks: Php 10,950

To make sure that the 1:1 feedback calls and live sessions can cater to every students’ needs,  we’ve got limited slots.

Enroll now and become our next SaaStronaut! 

Meet Irish Ann

Hi, I’m Irish (ish for short) and I’m CaaSocio’s lead web copywriter and strategist.

I’ve been helping SaaS companies launch conversion-focused web pages and landing pages since CaaSocio’s inception. You can check them out here.

I’m also working as a marketing manager for SelfCAD, my long-term SaaS client who hired me as a copywriter and eventually entrusted me to manage our team. 

In the process, I’ve developed a framework and a step-by-step guide on how to write copy without getting overwhelmed.

My 20-hour work week (that’s 4 hours a day or less!) allows me to become an expert purveyor of spongebob memes, a ninja in dodging hugs, and certified best-est ninang to Arya & Hope. 

Here’s a “review” from CaaSocio’s co-founder, Sarah… 

“Parang masarap kainuman si Irish, no?”

Now, I’m a notorious lightweight…pero bigatin ang lessons sa course na ’to!

What Irish Ann’s webinar attendees have to say… 

😍 Very insightful! I learned that market research is the bread and butter of the produced copy. Very easy to digest din yang discussion so I really learned a lot 🙂 — Chelsea 

😍 These are very helpful tips for a beginner like me. I enjoyed your witty presentation. — Riezl

😍 Mukhang lilipat na ako ng niche HAHA. thank yooouu!

Write a landing page that will impress prospects and clients…in just 6 weeks!
Before CaaSocio UAfter CaaSocio U
Feeling lost and not being able to settle on a niche Thrive in the SaaS niche (or any
industry you choose) with the right skillset
Going through courses that don’t show how exactly to go from draft to a live landing pageGet consolidated self-paced content
coupled with an expert who will walk you through stuff when you’re stuck
Dealing with the headache of filling a blank page and endless revisionsDeliver work that your clients will love, use their feedback to your advantage, and make a difference through your work
Write your first SaaS landing page with confidence 

Enroll today and get your early bird discount (only for first 5 students!)

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