Art of Authentic Visibility: Engineering An Undemanding Content Strategy For Introverts

A Guided Writing Journey with Your Choice of Support—Async or Minimal Zooms 😉
Discover how to disarm the discomforts of sharing your content online. Write freely, express your true self, and attract advocates, referrals, and clients along the way.

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Afraid of posting your thoughts online? Overthink malala whether to post that share button or not? No idea of what to post or how to write the *perfect* value post?

Probably because you’re thinking of your prospective clients when writing a post. 💁‍♀️

In case you missed the memo (like I did when I was starting out), I’ll post it here:

YOU are the main character.

Your socials are for you.

Not your family. Not your friends. And not certainly your clients.

I was super conscious of my posts before.

Ano ba tong mga sinasabi ko? May sense ba? Is it too salesy?
Wrong grammar ba ito? Tama ba? Wala na bang typo? Ok na spelling?What will the foreign SaaS copywriters think if I, a third-world wanna-be marketer, will try and get clients in the same space?

But 2 years later, these thoughts stopped and the referrals started pouring in.

I discovered an uncomplicated, undemanding way of sparking your writing plug that’s not intimidating: write for yourself.

And I guess the framework worked because 14+ people wrote posts for themselves in just a matter of days:

So these wins tell me we’re ready for a bigger writing circle! 🙌

This cohort (a.k.a. action-oriented course) is for you if…

🫠 Just thinking of value posting overwhelms you. Takes you days or weeks to write one.

😅 You have freelancing clients already and want new ones to discover and come to you. Chasing cold leads is just NOT just for introverts like us, eh?

🤩 You’re ready to uncover yourself (we’ll do a LOT of this) and learn an unforced, undemanding, and sometimes, AI-assisted way of translating your thoughts into written content.

👇 Start showing up for yourself, it’s gonna be okay super👇

What this cohort will give you

✅ Building blocks of authentic content writing

We won’t go straight into writing. We gotta build on your foundations: your story, your beliefs, your goals, and your triple threat—it’s your positioning, which will instantly differentiate you from the rest of the crowd

✅ Lifetime access to short, concise lessons on Notion

Approx 10-min videos with Notion notes & work notes. If you know me, I have this special talent for jampacking videos with value bombs without overwhelming you. I’m also making it interactive (you’ll like it!)

✅ Copywriting 201

I’m a “no fuss” mentor so I love dwelling on applications more than theories. So I’m gonna show you my often-used framework when writing my own social posts. Caveat: It’s not a lot. HAHA. So it’s super simple.

✅ Async support or Zoom calls—your choice ✨

This time, I’m making 2 groups: Those who just need chat-only support and those who prefer Zoom calls with a little bit of coaching and feedback. This idea is from you guys. So thank you.

Get your pick and book ahead to get early-bird pricing.

👇 Start showing up for yourself, it’s gonna be okay super 👇

Course Syllabus
  • Pre-work: Busting value posting myths
    • Get this for 💫 FREE 💫 (It’ll be a LIVE webinar. Join here.)
  • Intro: Why be visible online via content
    • Perks
    • Pegs 
    • Purpose(s)
  • Building blocks for authenticity
    • Your triple-threat 
    • Your 10 life truths
      • Polarization
      • Good energy
      • Bad energy
    • Positioning your front offer
      • Personal mission (deeper, optional)
      • The relief of having multiple offers
  • Content engineering
    • Pick your platform(s)
    • Pick your topics
      • Stories from life truths
      • Pain points of target market
      • Favorite subjects
      • Things as they happen
    • DON’T pick your voice
  • Copywriting 201 – Zoom call to review content
    • Classic formats to follow
    • Rehash from pegs + AI Assist
    • Hack: Statistics report 
  • Content sustainability
    • Pick your style
      • On the fly
      • Scheduled content
      • Repurposing
    • Be genuinely interested in others
      • Be a real person
      • Nurture your community
    • Engage
      • With fellow course creators
      • Target market
  • Other nice things
    • Your choice of support: Async on Slack AND/OR Zoom calls
    • Content pod with fellow students
    • Content feedback with Aiza + JA
    • Prompts to get your juices flowing
Meet Aiza

Aiza is co-founder of CaaSocio, an e-Estonia-based copy & content agency serving SaaS teams worldwide. In her 12-year online career, she has written countless written projects across freelancing, SaaS, and err, beer-making (during her early oDesk days).

She has also built 2 SaaS marketing teams from scratch so far. And has talked at events like TRIBEX. She enjoys writing (obvs), building writing & SaaS communities, & growing a garden (with a toddler on the side haha) despite the pink thumb.

Meet JA

JA is a copyeditor, content writer, and an ADHDer who has excellent attention to detail.

He has copyedited several types of content, from SaaS articles, books, and social content.

Together with his wife, Liz, he runs Daily Warriors, a page that inspires people to give their best everyday—even if their best is only 10% on darker days.

He met Aiza via the Writing for Non-writer Freelancers ⚡ FB Group.

You will NOT learn…

❌ How to get copy or content clients

This is a content course focused on discovering your story and developing a framework for writing content for your personal brand as a freelancer.

❌ Social Media Marketing Strategies

Yes, I’ll show you how to plan and do content on social, but we won’t have full-blown modules for crafting marketing strategies online.

❌ How to position your offer as a TOTAL newbie freelancer

Newbies who don’t have an offer yet will not get the FULL value of the course. I suggest you study client-getting strategies from The Freelance Movement Community on Facebook first. It’s free!

👇 Start showing up for yourself, it’s gonna be okay super 👇

Course Tiers + Pricing
with Slack support

One-time pay: Php 6,000
Two-time pay: Php 3,500 x 2
Php 4,000 (early 🐣 pricing)
with extra coaching on Zoom

One-time pay: Php 10,000
Two-time pay: Php 5,500 x 2

Php 8,000 (early 🐣 pricing)
✔️ Full course access with Notion Course Dashboard ✔️ Full course access with Notion Course Dashboard
✔️ Facebook Group for networking + important announcements✔️ Facebook Group for networking + important announcements
✔️ Slack group for questions
*engagement with coaches Thurs + Fri night only, but discussion with others is open 24/7
✔️ Slack group for questions
*engagement with coaches Thurs + Fri night only, but discussion with others is open 24/7
✔️ Content writing circle (pod for cheerleading)✔️ Content writing circle (pod for cheerleading)
✔️ 2 Zoom calls (Welcome + Graduation)✔️ 4 Zoom calls (Welcome, Positioning Session, Content Feedback, Graduation)
✔️ Group coaching to discuss your triple-threat positioning
✔️ Content feedback by Aiza & JA (copyeditor)

Extra notes:

1. Yes, 2-pay option will be available. Details will be on the checkout page.

2. Pricing will increase after the first 40 enrollees. 🙂

Course Schedule
Aug 7Early bird (to VIPs only, watch your inbox)
Aug 9Webinar + Open cart
Aug 10+Course launch, enrollment, and onboarding
Bi-monthly4 Zoom calls (Welcome, Positioning, Content Feedback, Graduation)
AsyncSlack (weekly check-ins + content pod), Facebook Group for Networking

Before you enroll…

Purchases are final so please read this sales page mindfully before purchasing.

I won’t FOMO the heck out of you just to make you enroll. I advocate for you to think for yourself so you should be able to discern if this is something you need or not.

Also, if you’re an aspiring SaaS copywriter, blog writer, or marketer, I suggest you wait for our CaaSocio U courses instead. We’ll be doing full-blown cohorts on SaaS web copywriting, long-form writing, lead generation, social media writing, and more!

YAY, you’re awesome for reaching this point!

👇 One last CTA, lol👇

If you aren't ready yet, I wanna invite you to the webinar that's supposed to be the first module of this course. Join us here.