🎉 Yay, you’re now part of the Authentic Content Visibility (ACV) Circle

Consider this as your payment validation since I trust you really made the payment. LOL.

But keep an eye on our official Welcome email 24-48 hours after you submitted the payment. (For early birds, I’m sending it today.)

For questions and support. Send us a message here.

Let’s get started!

Step 1. Share what you’re up to on social.

Proclaim that you’re showing up online.

Prompt: Reintroduce yourself.

You can be straightforward or you can share a funny freelance-related story or some light-hearted stuff about yourself as a person.

Don’t forget to use our hashtag #AuthenticVisibility. (Would appreciate too if you mention you joined the Authentic Visibility Circle and tag me too!)

Step 2. Do the pre-work

Next, I wanted to empty our cup before we start on our authenticity journey.

We’re gonna bust 4 value post limiting beliefs that might be stopping YOU from showing up online.

Step 3. Bookmark the ACV Course Lounge on Notion

Next, JA is virtually waiting for you on Notion for the next steps.

👉🏼 Take me to the ACV Course Lounge.