Authentic Visibility: Attract Your *Ideal* Clients With Content Confidence in 6 Weeks (Even When You Feel Like an Imposter)

An Intentional Personal Brand Content Journey with Your Choice of Learning—DIY, occasional Zoom, or 1-on-1 guidance (limited slots only)😉
Stop hiding behind client work and bring out your hidden expertise so *your ideal clients* notice you. Generate ideas consistently, write authority-building content that feels like you, and get nudged on days when you feel like you can’t content.

👇 Start showing up for yourself, it’s gonna be okay super👇

Overwhelmed with turning your ideas into actual content?
Perfectionism stopping you from hitting that publish button?
Or maybe it’s overthinking, imposter syndrome, or content cluelessness all rolled into one?

I mean where you are right now might be great, stable, and safe,


It’s a bummer that NOT sharing your brilliance gets in the way of your true potential.
And in the way of you living your dream freelancing lifestyle too. 💁🏻‍♀️

Plus, I know you hear that little voice inside you.

It’s nudging you to *finally* bring out your hidden expertise and be noticed, known, and *secretly* followed by your ideal clients.

Prospects are lurkers most of the time.

I mean, my low-engagement posts are actually the ones that get the prospects messaging me.

And that little voice inside your head?

You can’t silence it forever.

I haven’t.

So I dove right in and I’m finally feeling at ease on the untouchable beast of a platform, LinkedIn.

138,259 Impressions. Up by 2,717.6% from my usual.

It used to scare me to be so out there. But the rewards outweighed those fears by a farrrrrr lottt.
Prospects were telling me they’re hiring IN THEIR CONNECTION MESSAGE.

Asking me if I wanna work with them even though they’re looking for full-time hires.

All without me needing to build rapport. 💁🏻‍♀️

Between us, this made me feel —  *come closer* — powerful. 😮‍💨


If my content & social presence demonstrated my value for me, does this mean…

Clients will just come to me?

I don’t have to pitch my services?

Or deal with endless discovery calls or draft proposals because they know what I’ve done, is doing, and can do already?


Content is a compounding asset that helps me pursue slow living even more.

And here I am again.

I’m excited to share juicy content lessons I’ve learned in the past year with those who are ready to embrace content creation like confident, high-paying freelancers should.

The last time I did it, I got…

So these wins tell me we’re ready for a bigger writing circle! 🙌

This cohort (a.k.a. action-oriented course) is for you if…

😏 You simply don’t want to put out mediocre content anymore. You want to become intentional, post personal takes, and go beyond regurgitating tired old value posts surface-level content (especially on LinkedIn).

🫠You’ve tried content posting for a while, but you just can’t be consistent… Or sustain what you already started.

🤩 You’re ready to hop on the Personal Branding Era and learn an unforced, undemanding, and, when the occasion calls for it, an AI-assisted way of translating your thoughts into content.

With AI constantly improving, economic downturns, and layoffs across industries everywhere, we should’ve built our personal brand a year ago.

But today’s not too late.

👇 Start showing up for yourself, it’s gonna be okay super👇

How we’ll help you build your content muscle:

1️⃣ Build blocks of authentic, but authoritative content writing

Writing content is hard.

But simply re-telling how you solved client projects, what you’re learning now and stuff you already know are easier.
This is what I mean when I say “aUThenTic”.

It’s not whatever skewed definition other creators made that gives this word a bad name.

I’d rather help you realize your inner brilliance (your triple threats) so you’ll show that inner content confidence for simply being YOU. 🙂

People who discovered theirs have broken down those “limiting beliefs” on their own.

 2️⃣ Intentionally Lean & Sustainable Content Strategy

When people think about content, they imagine content pillars, content calendars, and consistent scheduled posts for months at a time.

And that’s why most people are overwhelmed with content!

We’re not gonna focus on all that in this course.

I lack discipline for those things so they don’t work for me so much.

That’s why I experimented with different types of content writing systems. And I’ve found a mix that worked for me!

I won’t shove my way of doing content down your throat though — I’ll help you discover yours instead.

Jane and Melanie were not part of my first Batch, but I guess my “not-so-pressured consistency” of doing content rubbed on them already. 🙂

It’s easy to learn, I promise!

3️⃣ Content writing x Copywriting 201

Lastly, we’re gonna focus on the writing part.

Now, writing is just 30% of the entire strategy. The first 2 parts are the 70%. But we’ll still do this as it’s critical.

I know not all of you are writers by nature, but you can still create content. 

With the help of Phase 1 & 2. With the help of AI (of course). And with the help of a *temporary* LinkedIn support pod (a.k.a. your classmates).

Relying on LinkedIn pods is a good jump starter, but I’ll show you how you can build your own version of your LinkedIn community.

The outcome?

✨ An aligned life ✨
🤑 + inbound clients 🤑

This is the same Jhendell sa taas 👆🏼

👇 Start showing up for yourself, it’s gonna be okay super 👇

Course Syllabus
  • Pre-work: Prepping up (FAST ACTION BONUS for early birds only)
    • [Pre-recorded] Busting value-posting myths
    • [Canva slides] The 3 audiences we write for
    • [Pre-recorded] B2B AI content strategy workshop
    • [Pre-recorded] Year-end planning (I want you to revisit your freelancing goals muna so your content will help you achieve your short-term goals while building for your long-term plans too)
  • Intro: The rise of freelancer creators
    • Freelance Content Creator Roadmap
    • Content Goal(s)
    • Content Pegs 
    • Your Target LinkedIn Circle
  • Building blocks for authenticity & authority
    • Your triple threat 
    • Positioning for freelancers
    • Engineering your front & back offers
      • The relief of having multiple offers (rejoice multipotentialites!)
  • Content engineering
    • Pick your platform(s)
    • Pick your topics
    • Warm up to your posting rhythm
    • DON’T pick your voice
  • Copywriting 201
    • Classic formats to follow
    • Hooksss!
    • Rehash from pegs + AI Assist
    • Writing on Facebook vs. Writing on LinkedIn
  • [Advanced] Content sustainability
    • Content writing styles
      • On the fly
      • Scheduled content
      • Repurposing
    • Content Tools
      • That makes it all easier
    • Content flexibility
      • Tweaking your content schedule as needed
      • Systems that’ll save you on days when you can’t content
  • [Advanced] Building Authority
    • Your 10 work truths a.k.a. original POVs
    • How to create your original frameworks for content
    • Lean lead magnet ideas based from your content’s engagement
  • [BONUS]
    • LinkedIn Scripts that spark sales conversations, naturally
Meet Aiza

Aiza is co-founder of CaaSocio, an e-Estonia-based copy & content agency serving SaaS teams worldwide. In her 13-year online career, she has written countless written projects across freelancing, SaaS, and err, beer-making (during her early oDesk days).

She has also built 2 SaaS marketing teams from scratch so far. And has talked at events like TRIBEX. She enjoys writing (obvs), building writing & SaaS communities, & growing a garden (with a toddler on the side haha) despite the pink thumb.

She now offers LinkedIn content services for SaaS founders too!

Meet JA

JA is a copyeditor, content writer, and an ADHDer who has excellent attention to detail.

He has copyedited several types of content, from SaaS articles, books, and social content.

Together with his wife, Liz, he runs Daily Warriors, a page that inspires people to give their best everyday—even if their best is only 10% on darker days.

He met Aiza via the Writing for Non-writer Freelancers ⚡ FB Group.

So far, past students have shared these wins


✨ Personal branding clarity
✨ Inquiries from their content
✨ Comfortable na mag show up
✨ Positioning polishing — so their offers totally feels like them
✨ Not worried if they’re sharing the right or wrong content (kahit hindi writer)

Course Tiers + Pricing
Do It Yourself
For those who can think best, alone


1x pay: Php 7,000

2-pay available on checkout
Done With You – Group
For those who love growing with others

20 6 seats left 

1x pay: Php 15,000  

2-pay available on checkout
✔️ Lifetime course access with Notion Course Dashboard✔️ Lifetime course access with Notion Course Dashboard
✔️ Facebook Group only for networking + important announcements✔️ Facebook Group + Messenger for networking + important announcements
✔️ Slack group for questions
*engagement with coaches Thurs + Fri night only, but discussion with others is open 24/7
✔️ Slack group for questions
*engagement with coaches Thurs + Fri night only, but discussion with others is open 24/7
✔️ Content writing circle (pod for cheerleading)✔️ Content writing circle (pod for cheerleading)
✔️ 2 Zoom calls (Welcome + Graduation)✔️ 4 Zoom calls (Welcome, Positioning Session, Content Check-ins, Graduation)

Extra notes:

1. Yes, 2-pay option will be available. Details will be on the checkout page.

2. Pricing will increase after the early bird April season ends. May 1 = new price

Course Schedule
May 1Early bird pre-work starts
May 15Official start
Bi-monthlyZoom calls
WeeklySlack (weekly check-ins + content prompts)
AsyncSlack (content pod + questions)
Facebook Group for Networking
Random chika with Team Done With You

You will NOT learn…

How to get copy or content clients

This is a content-focused course on discovering your story, polishing your positioning, and writing content for your personal brand as a freelancer.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Yes, I’ll show you how to plan and do content on social, but we won’t have full-blown modules for crafting marketing strategies online.

How to position your offer as a TOTAL newbie freelancer

Newbies who don’t have an offer yet will not get the FULL value of the course.

👇 Start showing up for yourself, it’s gonna be okay super 👇

2. Pricing will increase after the first 40 enrollees. 🙂

Before you enroll…

Purchases are final so please read this sales page mindfully before purchasing.

I won’t FOMO the heck out of you just to make you enroll. I advocate for you to think for yourself so you should be able to discern if this is something you need or not.

Also, if you’re an aspiring SaaS copywriter, blog writer, or marketer, I suggest you wait for our CaaSocio U courses instead. We’ll be doing full-blown cohorts on SaaS web copywriting, long-form writing, lead generation, social media writing, and more!

YAY, you’re awesome for reaching this point!

👇 One last CTA, lol👇

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