Positioning Workshop Bundle

Uncover a Clearer Freelancing Direction, Strong Unique Messaging, and Loose (But Effective) Systems for 2024 πŸ˜‰

✨ Replay available for only Php 5,000 Php2,500
(until February only) ✨

In 2022, all I wished was a calm nervous system.
In 2002, all I wished was just to be happy.
In 2023, I think I managed to get both.

I’m sharing what I did in between for freelancers who just want the simple things in life too, a boatload of cash included. LOL.
πŸŽ₯ You’ll get workshop recordings of
  • I. 2023 Year-end review and 2024 Planning
    • Reflect on the year 2023
  • II. Self-work: Guided reflections during the holidays
    • What: Self-paced reflections with exercises
    • A couple of videos that will help you self-reflect, particularly on your freelancing journey so far. You’ll be given exercises that you’ll answer on your own.
  • III. Team work: Positioning your way to a chill lifestyle
    • What: Learning and harnessing the power of positioning
    • Your 2024 positioning
      • Front offer + profile revamp
      • Offer stacking tips
      • Business stacking tips
  • IV. Replay of Raine’s personal branding talk

    BONUS: Access to the Slow Days Club

    Connect with slowpreneurs and share best practices of doing freelancing AND life in a more meaningful way.

The pressure to earn and do more.

It’s why we hustle everyday. Kahit January pa lang.

Breaking news: January pa rin.

By the time we wake up in the morning, we already think about the long list of client tasks written on journals or inside our productivity app.

The school stuff for our kids or for family.

And the errands we need to do at home.

Or probably the day job that puts the money in your bank right now.

It’s seems like there’s no time to slow down, until our bodies force us to do so. 

But we shouldn’t wait for this to happen. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

If you find it hard to pause a little, go a bit slower, or even just imagine *not* rushing through your day-to-day life, then this workshop can help.

This 3-part workshop recording is for you if…

πŸ₯Ή You’re still lost on how to start you 2024 and you need a guide that will help you jumpstart your year (January is just a trial month).

πŸ˜₯ You can’t seem to slow down because you have too many clients to please, little kids to care for, and life goals to hit too.

😟 You’re kinda ready to level up as a freelancer, but you’re cautious of committing to a lot of things, inviting too much stress in the process.

πŸ™ƒ You’re earning decently already, but it’s just not enough yet because you know β€” bills and travel goals. So you’re wondering what else can you do…

πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« You want to do sooooo many things, but you’re afraid of focusing on the wrong things, pushing down your earning potential.

🫀 You’re on your way to slow living, but you’re doubtful, restless and overwhelmed on planning your next phase.

πŸ‘‡ This 3-part workshop recording will help you reflect, clear the path,
and show you how (and where) to start to live slow.πŸ‘‡

The experience, summed up by the workshoppers

What this hybrid workshop has in store for you

βœ… The realization of what works for you (and what doesn’t)

We gotta start on your foundations like how I did it: a lot of thinking about your strengths, your interests, your beliefs, your goals, your ideas.

And also about: what you don’t wanna do, who you don’t like working with, what you hate doing.

I won’t tell you to do what to do. But I will help you figure out what might work for you and what positioning to adopt this 2024 so you can make this flowww.

βœ… Lifetime access to the lessons and recordings

Approx 1.5-2.5 hour sessions on Zoom & work notes.

If you know me, I have this special talent for jampacking workshops with value bombs without overwhelming you.

I’m also making it interactive.

Quick warning though: you’re gonna think a LOTTTTTT.

βœ… An insider access of how I run my personal biz and agency

I’m a “no fuss” mentor so I love showing you applications more than theories.

So I’m letting you in our bird’s eye view plan on our little agency and my tiny personal business (this).

Caveat: It’s not a traditional one.

It’s heavily based on other solopreneurs’ biz too like Justin Welsh, Dave Gerhardt, JK Molina, Dani Gardner, and Dan Koe.

It’s a mashup of things I like from these 5 people.

πŸ‘‡ This workshop will help you reflect, clear the path,
and show you how (and where) to start to live slow.πŸ‘‡


I’m sharing how I built a slow lifestyle with you. In summary, the workshop is gonna help you:

  1. Figure out how you operate efficiently.
  2. Build a slow living plan based on that.
  3. Crafting your positioning to power up your slow living journey.

Meet Aiza, the Instructor

Aiza is co-founder of CaaSocio, an e-Estonia-based copy & content agency serving SaaS teams worldwide. In her 12-year online career, she has written countless projects across freelancing, SaaS, and err, beer-making (during her early oDesk days).

She has also built 2 SaaS marketing teams from scratch so far. And has talked at events like TRIBEX. She enjoys writing (obvs), building writing & SaaS communities, & growing a garden (with a toddler on the side haha) despite the pink thumb.

Meet JA, the facilitator

JA is a copyeditor, content writer, and an ADHDer who ironically has excellent attention to detail.

He has copyedited several types of content, from SaaS articles, books, and social content.

Together with his wife, Liz, he runs Daily Warriors, a page that inspires people to give their best everydayβ€”even if their best is only 10% on darker days.

He met Aiza via the Writing for Non-writer Freelancers ⚑ FB Group and has been nagging her to create more courses until she gave in.

You will NOT learn…

❌ How to get your first freelancing clients

This is a series of workshops focused on helping those who already have clients. Getting clients as a newbie freelancer require different strategy.

❌ How to position your offer as a TOTAL newbie freelancer

Newbies who don’t have an offer yet will not get the FULL value of the course. I suggest you study client-getting strategies from The Freelance Movement Community on Facebook first. It’s free!

πŸ‘‡ This workshop will help you reflect, clear the path,
and show you how (and where) to start to live slow.πŸ‘‡

Okay, will this really help me?

Past students told me their journey was like a retreat, reflection, and rebranding for their own freelancing. You’re gonna get the same. We’ll have a group coaching during our LIVE workshop next year. (You’re welcome).

After their feedback, I found gaps and I can’t wait to launch a Batch 2 for the content course so I’m doing a workshop as a validation for the added module in next year’s course. (So thank you!)

Disclaimer… I’m not a brand strategist…

But I’m a marketer that helped 40+ SaaS founders with their messaging, a Tribe Leader & Assistant Coach who has advised 50+ freelancers on their offers and online profiles, and an adventurer who loves creating, writing, launching stuff for freelancers, and building communities that resonate with my life truths! πŸ™‚

Plus, my previous students told me this…

Before you purchase…

Purchases are final so please read this sales page mindfully before purchasing.

I won’t FOMO the heck out of you just to make you buy the recording. I advocate for you to think for yourself so you should be able to discern if this is something you need or not.

Also, if you’re an aspiring or newbie freelancer, this workshop may not be for you as this will only overwhelm you.

But YAY, you’re awesome for reaching this point!

πŸ‘‡ This workshop will help you reflect, clear the path,
and show you how (and where) to start to live slow.πŸ‘‡

If you aren't ready yet, I wanna invite you to the personal branding webinar with Raine that will also talk about positioning.

Join us here.