19 Life Lessons I’ll Pass On To My Son This 2020

The strongest flow of thoughts will always come to you as you shower.

Have you ever realized this?

All these lessons intended for my son came to me as I took my morning Christmas shower, thanks to my village who lets me get these moments alone for 15 minutes on some days.

So yeah, I’ve been reflecting on our 2019…

And these are the thoughts that come up to me.

1. Use your 9-to-5 or a side gig to finance your own dreams.

2. We’re all building someone else’s dream at some point in our lives. Do it with eagerness so that when it’s time to build your own, you’ll meet people who will build yours as if they’re building theirs.

3. You will always need a mentor, even if you feel you don’t. The right mentor will put you ahead 10, 20 years in life.

4. You can have multiple mentors at one point. One in each area of your life and/or career. When you find that what they teach you overlap on multiple areas of your life, keep them forever–they make the best mentors.

4. The people around you will influence what you can achieve. Their mindset will rub on you.

5. Only splurge on these hobbies:

  • One that makes you happy
  • One that makes you healthy
  • One that makes you money (so you can fuel your splurge)
6. We have limited energy. We have limited hours. Choose which things you want to spend time on.
7. Only buy a house if you can afford to pay the monthly fee while not having to think twice if you want to buy the newest pair of kicks that you see on Instagram (if it still exists by then). Or send a family member to the hospital when they need it. (Your dad and I promise you won’t need to spend on mine though.)
See to it that you can still live a full life even if you bought a house.
8. And, only buy the 2nd house that you think you can afford for now if needed. The dream house can wait.
9. The job(s) that you will have soon may not yet exist today. 🙂 Exciting, isn’t it?
10. Now, I don’t want to be that mother who dictates what his son will do in the future, but please learn copywriting. It will help you get what you want in life, career, and even in ladies. 😉
11. They say to change your friends when they’re not talking about money, career, and business. I say stick to them if they make you a better person. A bunch will eventually want to explore business with you. Because day jobs will make you all tired.
12. If it will not work out between you and your first “love of your life”, remember this.
  • It’s okay even if it feels like it will never be. You’ll survive.
  • Don’t act as if that lady lost the best partner option (you). You are the best, just not as a partner for her as she is for you either. Trust me, you’ll find the one soon. And she’ll find hers.
Just let go because…
13. The right partner will feel easy. Like home. Like a warm cozy spot with a pot full of hot coffee that never goes cold and books that never lose their papery smell. (Or a warm cozy spot with whatever you want in it).
You will never have to struggle. Just on some days and that’s acceptable.
With the right partner, you’ll have less time on bickering and solving love problems. You’ll spend more time doing nothing all day with your kids, eating out with the family, and building your empire.
14. Focus on one (or at most 2) things at a time if you really want to make it work. (But because you’re a man, you should only go for that 1 universal dream. Boys have their nothing box and you can’t multitask.)

Set 1 BIG Goal for the year or next 5 years if you can.
Set monthly goals in chunk that can help you achieve that 1 BIG Goal.
Set weekly tasks.
Spread out those weekly tasks into your days.

This is how you can ensure that you’re working on that big goal for the rest of the year. Something that I wish I knew before.

I always stopped at the 1 big goal.

15. Always read my posts about your father. Those will teach you how you can be an amazing husband and father.
16. Slow is fast. Fast is slow. It’s okay if it will take you 10 years to realize what you really want to do in life, as long as you keep looking for it. But I doubt it’ll take you that long. I’m here. I’ll help you figure it all out. 😉 Maybe when you turn 5 we’ll already know. Lol.
17. “No or is not failure. Used strategically, it’s an answer that opens the path forward”. From “Never Split The Difference” by Chris Voss. Read this book after you’re done with Harry Potter.
18. When you do work or do business, give away value through your free stuff. But see to it that you only give away insights (not the actual blueprint) so they’ll have reason to do business with you — and you get your money.
19. Have faith in Him. Faith will get you over anything–a bunch of Dinoco Blues, Robot Lightning McQueen, and the anonymous blue car that scares you.

Bonus (so I can keep the count to 19 ;-D )

20. Being lazy is okay as long as you don’t make it an excuse. You don’t have to do everything by yourself in life and in business anyway. Outsource, delegate/hire, and or drop it (if it’s not important or urgent). When you do, you take away the work from you and you get to help other people. 😉

21. Learn how to swim! You don’t wanna miss out on beach parties, snorkeling, and swimming for the piso under the water. (I don’t think this will be a problem, though. Your dad and I can swim!)

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