20 Life Lessons (in 2020) That I’ll Pass On To My Son

Dear Jeerux, 

I’m kind of restless and in low spirits today…

And it’s Christmas Day.

I am like this whenever I have personal “me” stuff that I choose to push out doing because I just have too many things on my plate. 

Don’t get me wrong—today was perfect. 

You, me, your dad, and your nanalola were at home. 

We’ve got food at home. We’re healthy. And we’re comfortable.

Simple things that too many people are deprived of this year.

This devasting year sucked for most people. Including us. 

Just google 2020 and you’d know.

Started with bushfires in Australia… volcanic eruption in our country… And it rapidly escalated to a global pandemic in weeks.

Everyone ended up staying at home from March until Christmas. That’s 9 crazy months. 🙁

This has been a difficult year, but I had more sucky experiences that I hope to tell you about soon. 

And as my Christmas Tradition (the first blog was written on Dec. 25 of last year), here are the 20 Life Lessons that I want to pass on to you. 

1. We’re at HIS mercy. Everything could change in a snap. The whole world changed… in a horrific way. But a bit of it, in a really good way.

2. When you’re pushed to choose between yourself and work, always choose yourself. 

No matter how long you are with an employer (or a client if you’re going to be a freelancer)…

No matter how they tell you the great plans they have for you…

And even if they call you family, they can fire you anytime. 

Business will always be business. That’s why it’s important to build multiple sources of income.

3. When you keep on canceling your BIG goals year after year, there’s something huge that’s blocking you. Find it and get rid of it. 

4. Loved ones want the best for you… But dear, sometimes, you know things that they don’t. Trust your gut. Your loved ones may have different opinions. Listen to them. But listen to yourself too. 

5. The Law of Attraction freaking works, babe. Your dad and I started the year with 2 sources of active income. The pandemic happened, but we managed to grow our sources of active income to 6.

6. It’s difficult to start a business. If you start it with friends, it’s impossible not to clash. But it’s not impossible to make it work either. Choose your friends with whom you can do business with. 

7. Pick a TRIBE who will push you forward. When I did, I was able to start a freelancing business in Estonia, closed 6-figure deals on the phone, and start 3 businesses in the middle of the pandemic.

8. Your partner will not 100% be there for you all the time. 

I felt really betrayed when your dad didn’t come to stop the gushing hot water because I panicked. I called him, but I failed to move my hand that’s why I got burned. I blamed him for a while, but I realized it’s me who controls my muscle and I shouldn’t blame him. Haha.

9. Be curious. Life is an adventure. There’s no limit to what you can do, achieve, or go. Have fun. Go explore. 

10. 6 months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead of time.

11. If you want people to listen to your story, you have to talk about them first. 

12. Learn copywriting. 

13. When you grow up, you’ll have dreams. And you’ll find people who will inspire you or teach you how to do stuff. You’ll always learn from them, but don’t forget to apply things you have learned yourself. You’re unique and you have experienced the sum of all things differently. That’s your superpower.

14. Read books. The personal development ones. The business books. Fiction. Make Harry Potter a priority. 

15. Life can be difficult, but success can be easy. Think of it as attracting all the good things as if you have this 4-leaf clover in your pocket all the time. You’re wondering how you get so damn lucky every single day. But it’s a thing and it’s called “Bending Reality”.

16. When you’re under a lot of freaking pressure, you learn a LOT of things… You’ll discover how strong you are. You become resilient. You become proud of yourself when you get through. 

It’s great to be at this point temporarily. But if you feel like this every single day, dear, do something and get yourself out. Cortisol lives in the body for years. You don’t want that.

17. People change. 

You’re not the same person in 7 (or 10) years and science can prove it. 

See, every 7 (or 10) years, we become new people… Because in that time, every cell in your body has been replaced by a new cell.

Strangely funny huh?

It didn’t take your dad 7 years though. He didn’t believe in marriage, but here you are.

18. Don’t suppress your self-expression, whatever that is. As long as it’s legal, okay?

I’ve tried focusing on doing just 1 thing because I’ve been told I should do this to succeed. But you know what?

I felt exhausted. 

I needed to do a variety of things on separate timeslots (of course) because that’s how I fuel myself. I am a multipotentialite and I need to do a bit of things that I love–writing for myself, painting, blogging, and all while making money freelancing.

Sometimes, you’re just not wired like everybody else and it’s okay.

19. Butttt, try to do things one at a time. Make theme days. Do art on Saturdays. Dance on Mondays. Cook on Wednesdays. Something like this.

Never multitask–it’s time-consuming. Especially you.  You’re a man, you’re made to think ONE thing at a time. Haha. 

20. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You’ll get there someday. Enjoy the journey. Take it slow. Take risks, but be smart about it. 

If there’s one thing about success, you’ll have to be spiritually ready to take on the blessings. Otherwise, it’ll destroy you. 

📸 by Lionello DelPiccolo on Unsplash

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