Earn Online as a Freelance Writer Before 2021 Ends (4 Reasons Why You Should)

earn online as freelance writer
earn online as a freelance writer
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2021 is a time to see writing in a new light. 

It is time to see writing on a suit and tie, giving you a firm handshake.

Gone were the days where writing means scribbling away your anguish and pain at 2:58 AM in a crumpled grocery receipt under a faint moonlit glow. (I’m guilty of this.)

But thank your emo, punk’s-not-dead self for honing you to be the writer that you are today.

For the pandemic days have turned the spotlight into freelancing and writing.

Hand in hand, they’re set to take up the center stage.

And they both mean business. 

Now, let’s stop beating around the bush, and let’s get down to the real deal.

Writing is one of the *easiest* skill to offer—no tools needed, just Google Docs.

But let’s work on your mindset so you can launch your freelancing career, eh?

4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Freelance Writer Before 2021 Ends

Because, why not?

You’ve got a laptop that caters to MS Word, your neighbor’s WiFi, and the skill.

You’ve got to earn real cash and make use of your time rather than just stare into the abyss.  You’ve got the tools.

But, fine. 

If you need a little more push, assurance and support, much like the feeling you get when you hit a hundred likes on your FB post, then okaaaay… Imma give you some:

Reason #1. It’ll keep you moving (and earning $$$) even if the world is at a halt

Yep, we’re stuck.

Stuck physically, yes, but stuck financially? No way!

At times like this, we cling to the Internet like it’s our savior.

Savior from boredom, savior for sanity, savior to making ends meet.

By saying “making ends meet”, I’m not implying that you’re totally squammy (squatter hehe) or something. It’s just that we cannot afford to have our funds depleting, not during a pandemic.

It is the most intended time to become financially secure.

And this is where freelance writing comes in.

The world may be at a halt but clients around the globe needing quality content abound.

In doubt? Google “Hiring Freelance Writers” online.

And hey, these writers aren’t earning cents. Some were able to build a house at the time of crisis. 

Trust issues? DM me and I’ll give a bunch of case studies.

They’re real people I rub elbows with. 

Reason #2. It’s a future-proof career (yes, we’ll get through this shiz and we’ll still have a future)

Yeah, I know, and I feel you.

We really don’t know what the future might bring. I imagine it to be a long stretch of the unknown. Think about the different virus variants and how many letters in the alphabet we still have.

I’m not being nega…

But what I am sure of is that freelancing is a thing of the past…

…the present, and of the future.

I mean, the world isn’t going to be illiterate at some point or something. As kids, we were hit with hangers just for us to begin reading.

Writing is a way of communication.

And with freelancing and being able to work with people around the globe, it’s like putting ourselves out there… Our thoughts, our ideas, our opinions.

The world needs more content, research, marketing strategies, advertisements and innovations…

… and writers are needed to present it to the world in the years to come.

I tell you,

More Businesses Will Use Freelance Workers

By the end of 2021, it is projected that 56% of companies will allow global remote work, with 16% of companies employing the entirety of their staff as global remote workers.

On average, permanent remote work will make up 34.4% of companies’ workforces. This means remote work will more than double compared to pre-pandemic figures, rising from 16.4%.

Website Planet

But then again, it might not feel like it, but we still have a future. *tear slowly falling on cheek*

Reason #3. It might get you RICHer before the world year ends (and it’s SAFER!!!)

Here’s a fact, a lot of freelance writers (if not all) are earning double, triple, and even quadruple the 9-5 jobs.

Go to TikTok and see how many freelancers are flexing their 6-figure monthly income.

Imagine being your own boss and doing work at your own pace.

Imagine writing content by the beach of Bora or the savannas of Africa ( lions, good luck). 

Imagine earning $$$ at home without battling the heavy traffic of EDSA or waking up early to go to work, or better yet, without needing to go out and risk being hit by the virus (considering too that you have kids or senior citizen ‘rents).

Imagine reaching financial freedom with your keyboard, and experiencing being a 6-fig income earner before the world ends.


You could stop imagining already and open your laptop to begin with.

Oh, and I would like to emphasize that you should start your career before 2021 ends.

Obviously it’s already the brrrr months (Septembrrrr, Ocotobrrr, get it? ). So what I’m implying is that you should already begin now.

Reason #4. The freelance writing community is stronger than everrr

When I started freelancing in 2010, I was alone.

It was hard to do everything on your own. My friends really didn’t care about freelancing.

Most of the freelancers today feel the same,

61% of freelancers feel that freelancing lacks a strong community, and could benefit from improved collaboration.

Website Planet


But maybe they haven’t really found helpful communities where freelancers help each other. Like Writing for Non-Writer Freelancers

Where you can find job posts…

Ask questions…

Or find writing tips, tricks, and techniques…

Stop the “2022 please be good to me” thingy; do something today to make your new year better

We cannot NOT do anything at this point.

If you want to begin your freelancing career, hey, we have a gazillion ways on the Internet.

It includes steps on how to begin, where to find clients, or how to close deals, and more.

But if you’re into step-by-step assistance and real life freelance writing advice, well, tadaaa! There are actually writing groups on socmed which you can join in like Writing for Non-Writer Freelancers.

Or if you love having a welcoming community where you can learn how to become a freelancer, from pre-writing to getting premium clients, there are TONS of posts inside that will help you get there.

See you inside?

Yep, I’m the owner and I can’t wait to see you there!

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