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earn online as freelance writer
Entrepreneurship Freelancing

Earn Online as a Freelance Writer Before 2021 Ends (4 Reasons Why You Should)

2021 is a time to see writing in a new light.  It is time to see writing on a suit and tie, giving you a firm handshake. Gone were the days where writing means scribbling away your anguish and pain at 2:58 AM in a crumpled grocery receipt under a faint moonlit glow. (I’m guilty …

Letters to my son

20 Life Lessons (in 2020) That I’ll Pass On To My Son

Dear Jeerux,  I’m kind of restless and in low spirits today… And it’s Christmas Day. I am like this whenever I have personal “me” stuff that I choose to push out doing because I just have too many things on my plate.  Don’t get me wrong—today was perfect.  You, me, your dad, and your nanalola …