Whoopsie, a Monthly Recap (January 2023) — Freelancing, Offer Creation, & Slow Living

If we’re friends on Facebook, or if you belong to my writing group there, you’d often hear me say…

That we should work for the luxury of living slow—even if we’re building businesses, growing mischievous toddlers, and trying to keep it all together.

But THAT is a HARD thing to do. Thus this.

Whoopsie, a monthly recap! is Aiza's attempt in grabbing her big, audacaious goals by the neck, year after year after year. Will she do it? Let's see.

So to get to your point B, I made this 4-step plan, which I had thoroughly broken down here.

  1. Pick a word so you’re reminded of your HUGE goal for the year. Mine’s REAP.
  2. Replacing bad habits with good ones
    • Mindless scrolling > doing household chores + cooking
    • Saving value-bombs posts > Writing down on my notebook + setting time for learning
    • Exercising in my head > Doing it
    • Dreaming about hobbies > Doing it
    • Winging things on the fly > Setting systems
  3. Scheduling the good habits + “get todos”
    • Theme Days
    • Keeping a “loose routine”
    • Waterfall to-do (actual notebook)
  4. Build a follow-through routine

Let’s see how I did this month!


What have we reaped this month? a.k.a. wins

  • 🏆 Personal
    • Chill vibe and coffee afternoons
    • Walking + playground noons
    • Bible study (yay!) Thursdays
    • More movement & time on the mat
    • Learned a new tool + brushed up product onboarding skill: Figma
    • Planned mommy’s 70th birthday
    • Got a mechanical keyboard hihihi
  • 🏆 CaaSocio + SaaS community
    • Breaking Into SaaS students are getting clients through the community that we built
    • Implemented pipeline systems and planned out 2023
    • Irish is joining us as part of the core team, yay! We’re 5 now.
    • Validated new offer: Product Tours ($2.5k + upsell by week 2)
    • Closed 2 new clients
      • Client 1:
        • Source: Google, landed on our website
        • Looking for: website copy, was already talking to other vendors
        • What we did to close them: Shared relevant web copy samples (compliance space so GDPR, HIPAA, etc.)
      • Client 2:
        • Source: Facebook Groups
        • Looking for: Somebody who can implement product tours using TryChameleon
        • What we did to close them: Told them yes, we do have experience in implementing TryChameleon when they asked
  • 🏆 KickSaaS Copy
    • Launched my first microcourse on KicksaaSCopy
      • Launch plan: Just my email list (2k), FB group (5k), and FB profile (2.8k)
      • Enrollees: 40+, Hit the first 15 in less than 48 hours (already a win for me)
      • Tech stack: WordPress (landing page), SendFox (email list), EmailMeForm (forms)
      • Launch team: Me + Eunice (help with managing emails)

So am I staying true to my word of the year: YES!!!

🙌 Replacing bad habits with good ones
  • Mindless scrolling > doing household chores (screentime down to 6-8 hrs and 3-4 hrs this Feb)
  • Screentime on laptop > Planning content on paper/notebook (This has drastically changed from 2020 > 2022. I now only spend 4-5 hours on my laptop daily.
  • Saving value-bombs posts > Writing down in my notebook + setting time for learning (Fridays)
  • Exercising in my head > Doing it
  • Dreaming about hobbies > Launched micro course (this kept me quite busy)
  • Winging things on the fly > Setting systems for CaaSocio (Trello pipeline + meeting agenda)
  • Disorganized online gal > Systems girl all the way (cleaning up my files first)
⏰ Schedule it!

These schedules are dynamic, so I get to change them from time to time.

Theme Days
  • Mondays – CaaSocio/Team alignment/Delegation day
  • Tuesdays – Client work day
  • Wednesdays – Slow down day/Client catch up day
  • Thursdays – Community/AC/Webinars Day (Giving back)
  • Fridays – Freedom day, working on my business, content creation or learning

Note: These are just the focus of my day. Doesn’t mean I really avoid client work on Thursdays. I still do, but only if required. It’s just my trick to calm my nervous system.


Plan your work around your life and not the other way around! I break my day into 4 “desk hours”. And I take breaks in between. Sometimes I watch Netflix. lol

  • AM: Bring JJ to school (I work there while waiting)
  • Break 1: Going home, playground time, lunch, take a bath (yes haha), Netflix
  • PM 1: Client work or “ON business stuff”
  • Break 2: Household chores, quick exercise
  • PM 2: Client work or “ON business stuff” or client meetings
  • Break 3: Hang out with the kiddos, go to neighbor’s house to hang
  • Eve 1: Calls (ACs), webinars, or client meetings
  • Eve 2: Time for yoga, skin care, bedtime story, sleep! On Wednesdays,I monitor email newsletter for a client.
Waterfall to do (my term for jotting down tasks in my planner)

I’ve mastered the manual way of doing my “get to do list”. So I write my to-do’s on my planner. 4-5 per day. If I don’t get to do them, I kick them to the other day (thus the term waterfall, because my planner’s vertical and they have to fall down to the next day). Lol.

I frontload my weeks. Meaning, all client and important tasks either fall on Monday/Tues/Wed. Because my energy is high during those days.

By Thurs and Fri, my energy is already depleted. So I only get to work on stuff that I love!

Basically, the rules are:

High energy times > Schedule client work or stuff I don’t like doing but I have to do still (these tasks will be delegated soon).

Low energy times > Schedule fun stuff I love doing, like blogging like this and my KickSaaS or content stuff!

💪 Follow through-routine

Big fan of follow throughs, systems, and peeking at progress so I do this:

  • Daily – Observe stuff I like and not like doing, meditate + reflect
  • Weekly – I have a weekly journal spread where I process what transpired during the week, what do I need to change, what systems to add to reinforce that change
  • Monthly – This Whoopsie, monthly recap
  • Yearly – Year end planning

Let’s be accountability buds

I’m sharing this with my community later, I’ll drop a link here so you can join the discussion. Would love to hear how your January went!

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