Anti-NY Resolutions: 2024 Slow Living Edition

As I’m sitting on the airport waiting for our 10.40 pm flight, I’m confronting the restlessness that I’ve been hiding for days.

I haven’t properly reviewed my 2023 yet and I haven’t solidified my 2024 plans.

But this is the start!

I’ve vowed to be fully present and really put work aside this Christmas 2023 and I am 100% successful in that.

Following my 6-step plan last year but making modifications as needed, I’ll be publicly sharing my public dreams and hide some of my wildest dreams in my Hobonichi and Trello board. 🙂

Let’s go!

Aiza’s 9-step Anti-New Year Resolutions Plan:
1. List down your top 10 highs.
2. ✨NEW✨ List good habits from last year.
3. List down 10 things that made you hate yourself this year.
4. Tear down your lows/mistakes.
5. ✨NEW✨ Top x lessons learned
6. Pick your word of the year to combat those lows.
7. Plan on how to make that happen.
8. ✨NEW✨ Schedule it! (Added more fun!)
9. Build a follow-through routine.

Step 1. My highs.

With REAP as being my focus, I was able to really do things for myself, my soul and for HIM this year!

The things I’m most proud of this year are…

1. My year of meetups! Saw mom 5-6 times this year
2. Launched 3 of my own digital products this year

For the longest time, I wanted to earn passively through digital products. This 2023, I’ve experimented with 3 product types and see which one will be fulfilling, sustainable, and profitable for me:

  • A micro-course
  • A full-fledge content course that lasted for 6 weeks
  • A 3-session workshop

3. Resolved conflicts with close people in my life

They were 3 people and 1 full-on GOD, which is God himself. lol. 🙂 It’s not super heavy and not in the hateful scale of things, but it’s blocking our relationship growth and needs to be addressed.

Since I want them to stay in my life.

And I’ve never felt lighter.

4. My year of learning and upskilling

Studied B2B content and experimented on 1 client. It didn’t go so well, but I’ve learned a lot and formulated what would work for a B2B client on LinkedIn.

Applied what I learned on myself too. So far, I’ve enrolled to:

  • Justin Welsh Content and LinkedIn OS
  • Dan Koe’s Digital Economics
  • JK Molina’s Likes and Cash Workshop and Holiday Workshops
5. CaaSocio pivot, closer to the revenue line

Teamed up with Bom and will be putting B2B outreach as our front offer. Launched 1 course and 1 workshop and the effect is astounding.

Bom was known as the Cold Email King in less than 3 months!

6. Bought a new car the same time as my mom did!

I’m super proud of her! We didn’t have a car growing up, but now, Jeerux would say, I have 4 cars. He would say the cars of our other family members are his too.

7. My year of slow living and I think I’ve been a thought leader in this space, truly inspiring fellow freelancers to slow down

8. Kiddo and his taekwondo and his new school

9. Did high-maintenance things to be low-maintenance.

Got highlights and gel nail polish and makeup. And figuring out my style.

10. Embraced and go back to my generalist, multi-passionate self—best gift to self: I’m finally feeling ME again! 🙂

11. Bonus: Took control of my health

Now that you’re done listing down your highs. It’s time to go to your lows. Shout out to Coach Allan for the Highs and Lows inspo.

Step 2. Good habits formed from 2023

Prioritizing health
  • Evening walks
  • No chips
  • Less sugar
  • More veggies
  • Getting health checked

Next level: Slim down and take down my sugar and cholesterol to 2022 levels (-1 each)

Talked more about my faith
  • Making God my #1 mentor and basing all actions on this (inspired by Game Plan for Life)
  • Talked more about my faith on my status and even in DMs with friends
  • Took out favorite gospel and lived them out (placed them on notes plastered on my wall)

Next level: Bible journaling on a more consistent basis (write for JJ)

Created as I consumed
  • Created 3 digital products
  • Consumed workshops and courses from 3 people I follow

Next level: Turn it into evergreen and earn all year round

Nurtured relationships
  • With the husband, we’re now on an elevated level when it comes to communication and dreaming together and being better for each other
  • Made mom happy and saw her at least 5 times this year! We really made efforts to bond and travel together
  • Went to a lot of meetups, this is my most social year, from meeting up old friends and new ones! Initiating some of the meetups too

Step 3. My lows. Make it 10-ish.

1. Still not getting serious on my content, especially on SaaS value posts on LinkedIn.

2. Maybe gone too slow. LOL. I rested a LOT. But no regrets!
3. Not being ALL IN on things. Health. Work. Stuff.

4. Not prospecting and closing clients because I was tired.

5. Sugar and cholesterol + 1 =/

6. Knowing that I’m not reaching my full potential (STILL)

7. Maybe too much time on Netflix and TikTok, lot less compared to last year though.

8. NOT being serious in agency growth. And dreaming bigger.

9. NOT sharing my knowledge, especially when it comes to client work. (STILL)

10. Still not happy with the amount of time and quality of my bonding with JJ.

But God planted new dreams in my heart! 🙂

Step 4. Tearing down my lows.

To be honest, I’ve been tired in the past 10+ years.

2023 was the time when I really honored myself and cradled my inner child, allowing her to rest and just be herself for a beautiful change.

And yes, I got what I needed in 2023 and I’ve never felt sooooo supercharged.

It was a year of reflection, indulgence, and zeroing in on my next move.

I kinda stopped dreaming BIG and for myself, something I realized when I was in TRIBEX last year.

I took time off in 2023 and I’m ready to kinda run again. 🙂

Probably a word to sum up my lows was being complacent, but this rabbit needs her naps.

Ready to hop around and really race (with myself) this 2024!

Step 5. Top 24 lessons learned

  1. God is the greatest advisor, mentor, planner, project manager, and savior. Make HIM your game plan for life! I am not my family’s, friends’ and community’s savior, God is.
  2. Community is the answer to most life’s problems.
  3. It’s okay if you and your best long-term clients aren’t aligned anymore.
  4. It’s okay to pivot if it no longer resonates or work. Change your newsletter. Change your agency front offers. Let people know that you want to work on yourself for a change.
  5. Sustainability is the name of the game.
  6. The only way you can consistently and sanely do things over and over again is if you make them your way of life. So take time to experiment, see which works and discard those that don’t.
  7. We have the power to change our bodies—remain or even become healthier as we age. Make our hair thicker and more beautiful without paying for expensive chemical treatments.
  8. If you want people to listen to you, start with an idea you can NOT stop talking about.
  9. There’s a leaner, saner, and more fun way to do a business you actually enjoy and profit from.
  10. Freelancing is just a stepping stone.
  11. Relationships need active work—marriage, friendship, client work, your team, and your community.
  12. It’s okay to tell people you’re tired and make time to focus on you.
  13. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, one of the timeless guides out there. Keep your foundations strong before building the next level or else, everything shatters and you start from the bottom. Again.
  14. Healthy marriage exists. LOL. I can be a brat. But I have a point. And there are men who willingly change for the better.
  15. Failure is an adventure. It’s just God’s sneaky way of showing you what’s possible and where to go next.
  16. You’ll think optimizing things for your team is the better way, but optimizing according to your strengths is still the best, especially when you’re playing the long game!
  17. It’s fun to build a web of businesses with people who want to build it with you. Build as a whole, fuse stuff together, but look out of for the thin lines! < (Kinda vague, because this lesson is too personal or intricate to share here for now)
  18. We all have magic. What’s normal and simple for us maybe the exact thing other people need, but have ZERO clue on. So we gotta go out there and share our talents! We’re all hardwired to thrive.
  19. When you build a business, you have to have extra money. LOL. There are unprofitable months. You don’t have to put a strain on your family in building a business. So make sure you do extra work to cover your primary responsibilities—your family.
  20. Confused? In doubt? Clueless? Read the bible. Talk to your faith-forward friends (find a few). Listen to what He’s saying.
  21. The greatest game changer when it comes to mental consumption for changing effectively for the better? Pick out books, gospels, courses, mentors that address your NOW problems. And apply them fast. Park the others.
  22. The mentors and coaches that make the most sense to follow are those whose lives you wanna live. As a mentor and coach, I vow to respect my students’ individuality and to show them what’s possible with multiple methods, not push ONE WAY TO DO STUFF down their throats.
  23. Content does 70-80% of the selling, but content is a semi-long game smart businesses should play.
  24. I’m keeping the wild cards coming. I plan, but HIS plan is better, bigger, and bolder!

Step 6. Pick a word that would combat your lows and that would allow you to carry on the most important lessons you learned moving forward.

Looking back to the year when I was really serious about the WOTY and when it truly made a GOOD impact on my life:

  1. 2021 – EXPRESS
  2. 2022 – BUILD
  3. 2023 – REAP
  4. 2024 – LOUDER


Louder in my beliefs, dreams, and actions.

Louder as a SaaS marketer slash copywriter.
Louder in our lifestyle that we have worked hard to achieve—for decades.
Louder as a slow living advocate who juggles multiple roles: wife, mom, homemaker, daughter, leader, coach, mentor, boss, friend, and service provider.

I just want to align my own self-reflection with public perception, and this time, I want to make sure that I get the credit I deserve for what I’m truly great at.

Step 5. Habbit Swaps

So how can I be LOUDER this year?


Be mindful. Whenever you catch yourself doing your bad habit, be aware. Stop it. And do something else.

It’s all about being aware.

1. Bad habit: Bad morning routine and physical laziness
  • Swapping picking up my phone with morning stretching and core exercises
  • Swapping ME time in the evening to ME time in the morning, so that means sleeping at 12 and waking up at 6-7 am (in preparation of JJ’s elementary years too)
  • Swapping doom scrolling and lousy breaks with house chores
  • Swapping low intensity walks with high intensity core workouts on some days (will create a structure)
  • Swapping saving online job posts to actually applying to them
  • Swapping planning my SaaS content into actual posts (I’ve been procrastinating this for a while now)
  • Swapping scrolling on LinkedIn to engagement
3. Bad habit: Being kalat and super experimental
  • Swapping spontaneity with systems
  • Swapping 100% separating my own stuff with CaaSocio stuff (fusing them into funnels this year)
  • Swapping launches with evergreen products
  • Swapping experimenting with focus
  • Swapping not caring about homekeeping with turning our home into a sanctuary by being clean, systematized, and pisan at home
  • Swapping winging out our documents to organizing our important doc stuff
4. Bad habit: No structured family time on weekdays
  • Swapping ill-timed breaks with a bit of structure that jives with my two boys’ schedules
  • Swapping entertaining messages daily in my Messenger to only 2-3 times a day. This is eating up my time!
  • Swapping screentime with crafts, playtime, and teaching with JJ
  • Swapping cellphone time side-by-side with actual conversations, goal check-ins, and just chitchats and dates with the husband! (we dated as a couple again this 2023 so we gonna do more!)
5. Bad habit: My expertise is still hidden and my SaaS content dreams are still dreams
  • Swapping daydreaming and being envious of LinkedIn superstars with actual work
  • Swapping with trying to content too much on doubling down on LinkedIn first (then secondary Facebook since FB already feels natural to me)

Step 6. Schedule it!

Yearly goals

I set ONE BIG goal for the fam, personal, and business.

Fam – Travel to a new place

Personal – Turn my stuff into evergreen products

CaaSocio – Bring back our inbound game (will be active on LinkedIn, OPAD)

Quarterly planning

I do quarterly planning with my fam and business side by side so I don’t overload myself. Leaving it blank since this is private. I usually do it in my journals na. 🙂 But sharing it here in case you wanna do it for you.

Self + FamCaaSocio

Monthly binggo

Apart from goals, I have long-term errands na are about to rot in my to do, one example is fixing my BIR name and SSS payouts. I’m doing a monthly binggo to motivate me to finish them all.

Bookmark this and go back here in January, I’ll update. hihi.

Caution: This section really depends on how you’re wired. So it’s best to figure out what productivity practices work for you.

For me, it’s Theme Days and 3 Days in a Day Routine work for me.

Theme Days

Since I have multiple projects: my passions projects, my agency, family and house projects, I do theme days.

@aizanity.v2 How I manage 6-10 clients and all the thingamajigz I do as a freelancing mombie #freelancingph #freelancingtips #freelancingbabe #productivitytok #edutok #saasytips ♬ original sound – -ˏˋ 🪐 aizanity ⚡️ˊˎ˗

I change this whenever there are major changes in my life: new BIG client, JJ schedules, Jezz work stuff, or if I have courses.

For Q1 it’s

My Theme (non-negotiable) that day
SaturdaySanity Saturdays – no work
SundaySanity Sundays – no work, church

3 Days in a Day Routine

I have been working hard on my routine for the last 2 years. I’ve been building habits because of it. You have to build routines around your life, not around your business.

AM Routine

At JJ’s school – so I bring my laptop with me

  • Bring JJ to school
  • Morning devo
  • Morning exercise
  • Own stuff

PM Routine

In our home office

  • Client work
  • Breaks in between
  • Evening break – bike, dinner

Evening Routine

  • Client work (only on Weds)
  • Bedtime story
  • Yoga

I mix my routine with Theme Days to avoid overwhelm. I just need to know I have areas of focus.

Waterfall To-Do

I have a physical planner with client work and everything else. It follows the Theme Days and I list down what I need to do during the day.

I aim to finish MAJOR client work by Wednesday so Thurs and Fri are for light work. That’s when my energy is plummeting down kasi. So I schedule happy stuff on Fridays (things that I do on my own biz or CaaSocio).

Step 7. Build a follow-through routine

Your schedule, routines are dynamic. It changes along with the season, unexpected events, and client schedules. So I do a weekly review to adjust or change it.

And I implement systems too whenever there are errors or mistakes that pop up. Either I do checklists for my team, new SOP for CaaSocio, or a new personal system for me. 🙂

Also, I set up my environment to make it happen. For example. I’ve just Shopee’d my way and ordered sketchpads and more to support my 2024 new habits! Yay.

To ensure your productivity investments won’t fail super hard, do follow-through routines like:

  • AS-NEEDED system change
  • Daily flow
  • Weekly reviews
  • Friday wrap and prep up
  • Monthly checkins
  • Quarterly adjustments

Alright. Super tired now. Haha. Will be updating this with more details as we go along. But this is the overview of how I achieve my dreams an build a freelancing business that gives me the luxury to go slow. 🙂

Let’s be accountability buds

I’m sharing this with my community,

P.S. If this is transformed into videos, this will be a nano course with a workbook or journal that can help you better. Maybe next year. lol. Let me know if you’re interested?

Drop a comment with your word of the year or thoughts in this post.

📸 Photo by paul wallez on Unsplash

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