Q1 2024 Wrap Up: Fast Poke

I randomly checked my last post to see my progress so far.

And I was mindblown.

Q1 2024 ain’t over yet, but I’ve crushed *ALL* 5 of my identified bad habits already! 🤯


Thanks to #HabitSwaps

Now, I’m ready to work on my habits and systems to shorten my execution plan this year.

Aiza’s Quarterly Check-ins + Realignment:
1. Plan on how to make that happen.
2. ✨NEW✨ Schedule it! (Added more fun!)
3. Build a follow-through routine.

Step 1. Habit Swaps

So how can I be LOUDER this year?


Be mindful. Whenever you catch yourself doing your bad habit, be aware. Stop it. And do something else.

It’s all about being aware.

From Zach Pogrob

1. Bad habit: Consistency on family + health
  • Swapping ME time in the evening to ME time in the morning, so that means sleeping at 12 and waking up at 6-7 am (in preparation of JJ’s elementary years too)
  • Swapping PM chilling to prepping up for dinner early
  • Swapping to spontaneity to planning healthier meals
  • Swapping 2-3x family night runs into daily walks/runs/workout
  • Swapping not caring about homekeeping with turning our home into a sanctuary by being clean, systematized, and pisan at home
  • Swapping winging out our documents to organizing our important doc stuff
  • Swapping ill-timed breaks with a bit of structure that jives with my two boys’ schedules
2. Bad habit: Not wanting my own dreams bad enough
  • Swapping spontaneity with systems
  • Swapping mediocre career plans to solid ones
  • Swapping experimenting with focus
  • Swapping acting on my own solopreneur dreams NOW for later
  • Swapping to making the little girl inside of me wait to doing everything to get those dreams for her
3. Bad habit: Holding on to breadcrumbs of my people pleaser personality
  • Swapping putting myself last to putting myself (and family) first
  • Swapping feeling sorry if I work on my own stuff to never apologizing for putting my own mission over everyone else’s
  • Swapping delaying my little dreams to working on them bit by bit everyday
  • Swapping to giving it my all to every client to giving what’s just right
4. Bad habit: Putting off personal errands to December
  • Swapping weekends dates to committing to personal stuff (dentist, BIR, etc)
5. Bad habit: Pausing every time I see a little progress on LinkedIn haha!
  • Swapping good enough SaaS content into fire ones 🔥
  • Swapping to being laxed to being relentless in client closing 💰
  • Swapping commenting on random people to tailored ones
  • Swapping DM once a week to DM every day (3-5 PROSPECTS a day)
  • Swapping daydreaming and being envious of LinkedIn superstars with actual work

4 Days in a Day + Theme Days Routine

I have been working hard on my routine for the last 2 years. I’ve been building habits because of it. You have to build routines around your life, not around your business.

Wake Up Routine

  • Morning sun
  • Morning devo
  • Morning exercise
  • Morning beauty rituals

AM Routine

At JJ’s school – so I bring my laptop with me

  • Bring JJ to school
  • Re-read devotionals
  • LinkedIn ideation + writing
  • Own business – email more regularly
  • LinkedIn connection

PM Routine

In our home office

  • Client work
  • Breaks in between
  • Afternoon chores
  • Afternoon workout
  • Afternoon plant shower
  • Evening break – bike, dinner

Evening Routine

  • Client work (only on Weds)
  • Bedtime story
  • Yoga
  • Night walks/run

I mix my routine with Theme Days to avoid overwhelm. I just need to know I have areas of focus.

Q2 Theme Days

DaysMy Theme (non-negotiable)
MondayDelegation, Quick weekly recap
TuesdayClient work
WednesdayWriting, Learning
ThursdayMarketing, Business build
FridayFreedom, Weekly planning + reflections

Let’s be accountability buds

I’m sharing this with my community,

P.S. If this is transformed into videos, this will be a nano course with a workbook or journal that can help you better. Maybe next year. lol. Let me know if you’re interested?

Drop a comment with your word of the year or thoughts in this post.

📸 Photo by paul wallez on Unsplash

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